Messenger Tote

Messenger Tote
Purse Style: Messenger Bag Tote
Dimensions: 12W x 12H x 4W
Handles: 30 Inch Black

This attractive bag features an original record album cover from your favorite record as its main attraction. The front of the album cover is displayed on one side and the back side of the album cover is displayed on the reverse side of the bag. Covers are laminated for durability and strength. Both sides are securely riveted together. The inside of the bag is delicately lined with black fabric lining.

This bag can be carried over the shoulder as a traditional messenger style bag or carried by the handles.

Simply mail in the decorative art album cover of your preferred 12 inch record album of choice. For this style of bag the actual vinyl record is not used so there is no need to include the record with your album cover. We do not return records that are mistakenly shipped with the album cover. You will need to send in (1) one two sided 12 inch record album cover for each purse you would like fashioned.

Please do not split, cut, or otherwise modify the album cover prior to sending it to Band In My Hand.

Ship To:
Band In My Hand
Po Box 242 Lake Village, AR 71653