Return & Repair Policy

Band In My Hand offers a unique product line made from real original new, used, and vintage 12 and 7 inch vinyl record albums and their covers. We have taken the old records so many loved and used them to create handbags, messenger bag totes, and many other new exciting products still to come to the site. Since they are crafted from used records you can expect some wear on them. Due to this fact we will not accept returns or issue refunds for cosmetic reasons. Each bag is hand crafted with new materials with the exception of the records. Each item is hand crafted with the finest quality materials and guaranteed not to fail under normal novelty use conditions.

Each item is made using a sturdy leather like material, album covers are laminated for durability and water protection. Purses are riveted together, not sewn or glued to provide long lasting wear and strength. Handles are securely attached to accommodate the weight of items placed inside. There are no exposed boards or ragged edges unlike most competitor's imitation products.

Free Handle & Rivet Repairs:
As with any handbag placed under extensive use or excessive weight of items placed inside a handle may come loose. In the event your purse requires a handle repair simply mail in your item along with the loose strap for repair. Customers are responsible for return shipping of your repaired product. You may enclose payment of $9.50 for return shipping or contact for additional payment methods. In the event of losing a rivet we will gladly make the repair free of charge. BIMH will only repair damage from normal wear on the rivets and handles. BIMH is not responsible for shipping damages incurred by carrier when you send a product in for repairs. Please make sure to package and protect your items before shipping.

Returns & Refunds:
BIMH will not except returns or issue refunds for products. How ever if there are any problems at all with the workmanship of the product please contact us immediately so we can promptly rectify the problem. Orders must be accepted by delivery, picked up, or taken possession of within (30) days from the date of order placement. Failure to take delivery of or failure to retrieve your order past the (30) day time limit will result in forfeit of all products contained in the order. No refunds will be issued for forfeiture of goods.

Shipping Damages:
In the event of shipping damages to your items please notify us within 24 hours of delivery so we may initiate carrier insurance claims on your behalf or provide proper insurance documents to process the claim yourself. The original shipping package will need to be saved in the event shipping carrier requires access to packaging for claims.

Customer Provided Records:
Additionally when placing a vinyl record through the purse process damages may occur. While it is a rare instance the fragile records can crack or break during the manufacturing process. In the event of damage or breakage to customer supplied records BIMH is not responsible to replace or purchase a replacement record. We take every precaution available to safe guard your records while converting them in to Original Record Album Purses. However as mentioned on rare occasions records can break.

Excluded Repairs:
While we make every effort to maintain durability and a long-lasting product, normal wear and tear is not covered under our repair policy. Your purse will encounter normal wear and tear when it is used and therefore, we can not repair more than your handles and rivets. If you question if your repair is covered under our repair policy, please contact us before shipping your purse back to us.