Wholesale Policy

BIMH will not except returns or issue refunds for products. How ever if there are any problems at all with the workmanship of the product please contact us immediately so we can promptly rectify the problem. Orders must be accepted by delivery, picked up, or taken possession of within (30) days from the date of order placement. Failure to take delivery of or failure to retrieve your order past the (30) day time limit will result in forfeit of all products contained in the order. No refunds will be issued for forfeiture of goods.

Shipping Damages:
In the event of shipping damages to your items please notify us within 24 hours of delivery so we may initiate carrier insurance claims on your behalf or provide proper insurance documents to process the claim yourself. The original shipping package will need to be saved in the event shipping carrier requires access to packaging for claims.

Customer Supplied Records:
When placing a vinyl record through the purse process damages may occur. While it is a rare instance the fragile records can crack or break during the manufacturing process. In the event of damage or breakage to customer supplied records BIMH is not responsible to replace or purchase a replacement record. We take every precaution available to safe guard your records while converting them in to Original Record Album Purses. However as mentioned on rare occasions records can break.

Product Tag Removal:
Over the years we have been understanding and accommodating with wholesale customers who remove the product tags with our patent pending and/or patent number and manufacturer information from our products. Either by mistake or with willful knowledge that in doing so they are violating terms of sale with Band In My Hand. The product tag displays our manufacturer information and the United States Patent and Trademark Office issued patent number that applies to that particular product in our product line. This tag must remain attached to the products at all times unless removed by the retail customer after purchase.

Removal of this product tag will immediately terminate the wholesale relationship between BIMH and said wholesale customer in violation. Products with missing product tags sent in for repair will be returned at your expense without render of repair.

We apologize for having to undertake these measures. In today's sales market it is of the utmost importance that intellectual property ownership information be displayed on products. This helps to avoid any question a potential infringer may have that products are under patent protection. Doing so will help eliminate knock off imitation products. Working together to display this information will keep wholesale cost down. This will avoid the need to increase product cost to accommodate for court cost incurred by lawsuits to stop patent infringement.

Notification of Distributorship:
Authorized distributors of Band In My Hand products must notify, display, or otherwise inform the general public that they are authorized distributors or representatives of the BIMH product line. You may not lay claim either directly or indirectly as the creator or manufacturer of our products. You must state "Your Company Name - An Authorized Distributor of Band In My Hand" in any or all forms of media, advertisement, etc..

Sales Territories:
Band In My Hand guarantees that we will not place another wholesale customer in the immediate area of any exclusive wholesale distributor. In some extraordinary circumstances this rule will be taken on a case by case basis. For example if you enter into a wholesale relationship with BIMH with a partner in the same area and then later terminate the partnership each partner has access to BIMH products as both parties were customers at the beginning of the relationship with BIMH. We do not grant whole state exclusive sales territories to any one wholesale distributor. Full state exclusives are not offered, promised, or granted there are no exceptions to this policy. In order to maintain the local area exclusive for any exclusive wholesale distributor's location, the distributor needs to maintain their wholesale account in good standing following all previsions set by Band In My Hand  according to their wholesale purchasing account type.

Potential Customer Referrals:
Band In My Hand makes every effort to forward and refer all potential new clients to the exclusive wholesale distributor in their local area if there is a distributor in their location. Wholesale and retail enquirers are referred to the exclusive distributor in the potential customer's location.

Online Sales:
In order to protect the integrity and value of our brand, our intellectual property rights, and to uphold the high quality standards of our products, we do not allow our distributors to sell our products in any online style format, including but not limited to online auctions such as eBay. Band In My Hand prides itself on high quality public product and brand recognition. We have worked for years to fine tune our products into highly recognizable quality accessories which are known by name and visual aesthetics. It is our great detail to product quality and brand recognition that have earned Band In My Hand the reputation we are honored to possess.

Q: I am an authorized Band In My Hand independent distributor in good standing with Band In My Hand. Am I allowed to sell the company?s product(s) on eBay? Am I allowed to sell the company?s product(s) on my company/personal or third party website?
A: No, not without express permission given by Band In My Hand. Any ebay listings found to violate our company policy will be reported to the Ebay Vero Program.

Q: I am a former authorized Band In My Hand independent distributor. I have closed my business and still have stock of Band In My Hand products. Am I allowed to sell the company?s product(s) online, on ebay, or on my company/personal or third party website?
A: No, not without express permission given by Band In My Hand.